About Me

Forexstrategytraining.com is a blog website that I setup solely to share my trading knowledge with other like minded traders out there who are also interested in learning forex to make some extra income or even to replace their day job.

In this blog, you will get to read a repository of useful blog posts or trading videos that is created to help you improve your trading skills and eventually make more money from your trading.

I tried my best to write the article in an easy to understand format so that even new traders without any experience in trading can learn and use what I teach in the article.

So Who Is Lee Kelvin By the Way?

Kelvin LeeHi, I am Kelvin and I am the person writing all these blog posts that you are reading in this blog. I am currently a full time trader and in fact, I have been trading full time for 4 years now.

Although everything seems smooth to me now, I struggled hard when I first get in touch with forex. In fact, I got my trading account wiped out twice in a row.

Luckily, I am a stubborn person who don’t give up easily. I decided to spend sometime to really learn how to trade and started to take up various forex courses online. Frankly speaking, I did purchased several lousy courses and robots online but I also did purchased some very good courses that teaches me how to trade well.

Finally after nine months of hard work, I started to trade live again. However this time, I started to make my first real money from trading and since then, I have made profit in my trading every single month without fail.

With this income, I eventually quit my day job as a process engineer in a multi national company.

Therefore you will see me recommending some good courses and tools that I personally has been using so that you can also learn and benefit from those products.

Lastly I hope that you find the information in this blog useful for you and do feel free to send me an email or give your comments in the blog post as it will be very useful for other traders here in this community.

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