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Stop loss and target profit

How To Set Your Stop Loss and Target Profit

When I am new to trading, I often have this question in my mind. In fact, I have been receiving emails from readers of this blog asking me about the above questions as well. Therefore I will like to take this opportunity to share with you in the form of a blog post here. What […]


Can Anyone Really Make Money With Forex Trading

This is one question that I often get from my friends and relatives whenever I tell them that I make a living trading currency. I don’t blame them as I also have a number of friends who took up seminar that costs them $4,000 to attend but ended up with nothing. They constantly tell me […]


Experience Trader vs Amateur Trader

In this post, I am going to share with you the difference between an experience trader and an amateur trader. Do note that what I am writing here is purely based on my own personal opinion. 1) Number of Trades – Amateur trader have the urge to get into trades and therefore tend to crave […]


Which Forex Charts Should You Look At

I believe this must be the number one question that most of you are asking when you open your forex platform. I remember when I am new to trading a few years ago, I have absolute no idea which time frame I should look at after I log into my trading platform. Therefore I like […]

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